About Us

Located in Central Colombo, Laplogic serves individuals and Businesses in Colombo and Sri Lanka with Reliable cost effective solutions for Laptop, Tablet and Smartphones. We help customers to get their Laptops/Tablets/Smartphones up and running fast again.

Moreover, Laplogic serves everyone as a caring, honest and friendly expert that no others can compare. Choosing our service is the smartest choice that you can be assured that you can save big money and time Guarantee.

We Guarantee you a reliable Service ! When your valuable Laptop or Smartphone isn’t working, one of the first thoughts most people have is that Where to find a reliable place to get my Laptop /Smartphone fixed? Without any hesitation, Choosing Laplogic is the ideal choice for Reliable Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone Solutions.

We maintain a ‘No Fix– No Fee’ Policy. Our No Fix – No Fee Policy means, after diagnosing the problem, if the problem cannot be fixed, then no charge is made. If we can fix the problem, but are prevented from doing so, or not allowing us to proceed with the work, then we charge for our time spent to that point.

Pick-up & Delivery Service Laplogic provides a Pick-up & Delivery service for Repairs at a reasonable cost that operates within Colombo city limits. Also we deliver our products Island-wide through Courier Service. Save your valuable time and money with this Service.

 Above everything, Reliable Service is our first priority !